lunedì 1 giugno 2015

Groceries and TO DO Lists

today I would like to provide some very usefull links when organizing your weekly meals.
They show groceries list of all kinds like original, vegetarians...
You can just print the list and bring it with you or you can edit and adjust it to your specific needs.

Here is the link for the English version 

Following there are the French and the Italian versions:

Liste de courses facile à imprimer

Obviously after little researching you can find better lists but for me the English one is more than enough.
When I worked in my last office, I used to open the spreadsheet file, thick what I needed and then filter so that I could print only what I had to buy.

As far as the TO DO list is concerned, you can find millions of versions online. The simplest ones are the best.
Check the box to do list
I write down the things to do and their priority by numbering them.
I used to print ten of them, staples them and have them ready on my desk, now I tape them on the fridge.

One last list since I loooooveeeeeeee them!
Very usefull too if kept handy by the home phone set:

Image result for message note

You can make lists and checklists for almost anything and I use them a lot as you can see on the side bar!

I hope this was usefull to you, please let me know if you are a list addict as me and if you have different lists!!!


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